Sorry Folks…Despite What You May Have Heard, A Huge Study Found Any Amount of Alcohol Is Bad for You

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Can alcohol actually be GOOD for you in small amounts?  It seems like the answer to this flip-flops every other year.  But this supposedly puts an end to it.

An extensive new study at Harvard and M.I.T. found the answer is … NO.

Drinking ANY amount of alcohol is bad for you, specifically your heart and cardiovascular system.  That even includes the occasional glass of wine.

So why have other studies found moderate drinking can be good?  They say it’s because people who drink in moderation are more likely to have other HEALTHY habits, even more so than people who don’t drink at all.  They eat more vegetables, get more exercise, and are less likely to smoke.

They looked at medical records of over 370,000 adults and when you control for those habits, there’s no evidence alcohol has any health benefits.

SOURCE: Study Finds