Speedy 16 Year Old Jenga Player Breaks Own World Record…And Holds 4 Others!

Jenga can definitely be a stressful game.

A Wisconsin teenager broke his own Guinness World Record by removing 32 Jenga blocks and placing them on top of the tower in one minute.

James McEvoy, age 16, managed to remove the blocks with a single hand and put them on top of the tower without the structure topping in the 60-second time period. He broke his own previous record of 25 blocks.

McEvoy also holds the Guinness World Records for most Lego bricks removed from a baseplate and held in hand in 30 seconds (22), most blindfolded passes of a fidget spinner in one minute (125), most hammer flips in one minute (103), and fastest time to build a 15-cup pyramid (2.55 seconds.)