Tennessee Politician Booted from HS Basketball Game after Trying To ‘Pants’ Ref

Is it surprising that a politician is being accused of bad sportsmanship?

Tennessee Representative Jeremy Faison was booted from a Johnson City high school basketball game on Tuesday – for trying to pull a ref’s pants down.

Faison didn’t like the call the ref made against his son’s team, so he hopped onto the court and allegedly tried to start beef. After the ref told him to get off of the court, Faison stuck his finger in the ref’s face, saying “You can’t tell me to leave the floor – this was your fault!” and tried to pull theref’s pants down.

The ref’s pants stayed up and Faison was forced to leave the game.

Now, Faison is apologizing, writing that “for years” he thought it was wrong for parents to lose their cool during their kid’s sporting events, adding it’s “not Christian and it’s not mature and it’s embarrassing to the child.” He claims he wants to find the ref and “ask for his forgiveness.”

His Tweet was met with comments saying that maybe he should use his thoughts and prayers on his anger issues, while one replied “So now you want to stalk the ref? Maybe the ref would prefer you leave him alone.”

SOURCE: Bleacher Report