The ’12 Days of Christmas’ Will Cost You This Much in 2021


Do you have $13,000 lying around for seven swans a’ swimming? You’ll need that and a whole lot more to pay for the 12 Days of Christmas in 2021.

PNC Bank‘s annual Christmas index looks at inflation’s effect on every single item mentioned in the classic carol 12 Day of Christmas, saying 2021’s version would cost you $41,206!

Seven swans a’ swimming will cost you $13, 125. Two turtle doves are 50% higher in price than they were last year.

The cheapest item in the 12 Days of Christmas? Eight maids a’ milking; they run $58.

What about the sole item in the carol?

It’ll cost you more for that partridge in a pear tree this year, largely because the cost of the tree has gone up, running around $223.

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SOURCE: Go Banking Rates