The Girl Scout Cookie Each State Is Googling the Most

RaspberryPicture Courtesy of Wise Brother

The Girl Scouts‘ website lists 13 different cookies this year, but not all of them are available everywhere…  and according to this, most of us only really care about EIGHT of them.

Google Trends looked at the top cookie people in all 50 states have searched for the most over the past month.  Here are the eight cookies that made the cut …

1.  Adventurefuls.  They’re the brownie-and-caramel cookies that debuted last year.  Maybe they’re a hit, because they’re #1 in 25 states.  That includes four of the five biggest states:  California, Texas, New York, and Pennsylvania.

2.  Raspberry Rallys.  They’re the new one that just got added this year, and the top search in nine states…Minnesota, Wisconsin, Tennessee, Alaska, Maine, Massachusetts, Connecticut, New Jersey, and Maryland.

3.  Tagalongs, also called Peanut Butter Patties in some areas.  Four states:  Florida, Indiana, Iowa, and Oregon.

4.  Thin Mints.  They’re still the most popular, but we apparently don’t feel the need to google them these days.  They’re the top search in just three states:  Washington, Missouri, and Vermont.

5.  Samoas, or Caramel deLites in some areas.  Also three states:  Idaho, Wyoming, and Alabama.

6.  Toast-Yays.  They’re French toast-inspired cookies that got added to select markets in 2021.  They’re the top search in Montana, Kansas, and Rhode Island.

7.  S’mores.  Arizona is the only state searching for them the most.

8.  Lemon-Ups.  They’re the most-searched Girl Scout cookie in South Carolina.

The five cookies that DIDN’T make the cut are:  Trefoils . . . Lemonades . . . Do-si-dos, or Peanut Butter Sandwich cookies . . . gluten-free Toffee-tastic cookies . . . and gluten-free Caramel Chocolate Chip.

Here’s a map that shows the top cookie in each state.