The Jobs Women Consider Sexy…and the Ones Men Consider Sexy

Fire DocPicture Courtesy of Canva

The experts at recently conducted several surveys, asking MEN and WOMEN which professions they consider the “most sexually attractive.”

And some of the results will surprise you.

The Top 10 sexiest professions according to women are…

Firefighter, builder, police officer, doctor, mechanic, paramedic, musician, electrician, farmer, and lawyer.

And the Top 10 sexiest professions according to men are…

Flight attendant, nurse, secretary, teacher, actor, police officer, doctor, bartender, maid, and singer.

On the flip-side, being a JUDGE ranked as the LEAST sexy profession for both men and women.

The rest of the five LEAST sexy jobs are:  Web developers, politicians, marketing executives, and designers.

SOURCE: LoveHoney