The Lady Who Fed Cheetos to Monkeys at the Zoo Insists She Did Nothing Wrong

I love that this lady is doubling down and refusing to admit she was wrong here.  Because this is OBVIOUSLY NOT something you can do …

Almost exactly one year ago, a 27-year-old woman named Lucy Rae was in the news after she climbed into a spider monkey enclosure at the El Paso Zoo and started feeding them CHEETOS.

She hopped a fence, waded across a three-foot moat, hand-fed Cheetos to two different monkeys and someone got it on video. Check it out above!

She got arrested for criminal trespassing, but still claims she did nothing wrong and refuses to apologize.  Her defense seems to be that the zoo didn’t have a sign that specifically said you can’t jump in and interact with the monkeys.

She claims they were super-excited and happy to see her.  But zoo officials say they’re actually freaked out and upset in the video… and obviously the special diet they’re on doesn’t include junk food.

Lucy was working as a legal assistant at a law firm when all this happened, and they fired her for it.  She says she’s still upset some news outlets called them “FLAMIN’ HOT Cheetos” when they were really just regular ones, because that made it sound worse.

She did a new interview with a station in El Paso the other day, and said the only lesson she’s learned from all this is that sharing Cheetos is wrong apparently.

Photo by Alexander Schimmeck on Unsplash