The Latest Girl Scout Cookie, the Raspberry Rally, Is Now Available…Sort Of

RaspberryPicture courtesy of Wisebrothers

If you LOVE Girl Scout Cookies or have eager Girl Scouts in your community… you should know that there’s a new flavor this year called Raspberry Rally, which is a raspberry-flavored “sister cookie” to Thin Mints.

The Girl Scouts have been out taking orders for weeks, but the Raspberry Rallys are the first “online exclusive” cookie and TODAY is the first day that they’re available to the general public online.

However, it looks like they’re already SELLING OUT … though more will be in stock soon. (When I tried to order, it says they’ll be back in stock on March 4th.)

As for the taste, recently said, “Those obsessed with Thin Mints might find it disappointing, but we think it’s delicious. It would be even better if it had a fresh raspberry jam interior, though.” Instead, it is bright-pink and wafer-like, with a hint of artificial raspberry flavor.

They ranked it #5 out of 10, with Tagalongs (Peanut Butter Patties) #1, Thin Mints  #3,  and the gluten-free Toffee-tastics in LAST.

If you haven’t ordered Girl Scout Cookies online before, just go to  You’ll be asked to enter your zip code and you can choose a local troop to connect the order to and you’ll be supporting that troop.

SOURCES: KADN / Girl Scouts