The Latest TikTok Trend… Eating This Fruit… In The Shower?!

Amy Shamblen H5ympgoi5ni UnsplashPhoto by Amy Shamblen on Unsplash

Would you eat an orange while taking a steamy shower?

Supporters of the #ShowerOrange trend claim it lets you enjoy the citrus without fear of making a mess, and that the bath’s humidity exaggerates the smell of the orange.

It’s not about the orange, it’s not about the shower, it’s about the connection to your inner feral animal,” one Reddit user said. “Tear into it with your claws, feast on the flesh, don’t worry about making sure you eat all the orange or what you do with the peel afterwards.”

What about food safety?

I would say as long as you are clean and your shower is clean, and you’re not ingesting any soap or chemicals along with the orange, that it probably actually is safer to eat in the shower,” dietitian Julianna Coughlin said.

SOURCE: Pop Sugar