The One Piece of Bar Etiquette You Need Going Into 2022

Do not do this to get a bartender's attention in 2022.

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We all know that facemasks can slow COVID spread but at the same time, they make it difficult to understand what someone is saying, especially in a noisy place like a packed bar.

So, what do you do if you’re masked up and your bartender doesn’t understand that you want a beer?

There is one thing mixologists are asking you NOT to do and that’s lower your mask. It could be unsafe and it’s also unnecessary.

Bartenders like LA’s Teddy “Ace” Martin say instead of pulling down that mask and spreading infection, just type your order on your phone’s notes and hold it up for your barkeep to read. Martin said, “A little consideration” for your bartender “goes a long way” as they help you unwind during this pandemic.

SOURCE: The Takeout