The Top 24 Classic Donuts, Ranked from Best to Worst

Rod Long 6smf42 Jtac UnsplashPhoto by Rod Long on Unsplash

The donut addicts at have ranked 24 “classic donuts” from best to worst… and spoiler alert:  If you’re a cinnamon bun fan, get ready for a FIGHT!

Here’s how they ranked them:

1.  Glaze Round – The so-called “pinnacle of donuts everywhere.”

2.  Rainbow Sprinkles

3.  Old Fashioned – “Its ridges, apt for catching glaze, make eating this donut feel like a handheld, portable pound cake.”

4.  Raspberry Jelly – “A sticky and wonderfully messy gift.”

5.  Apple Fritter – “The healthiest donut there is.”  Do NOT fact-check this.

6.  Donut Holes – Because you can eat more, and there are “no rules.”

7.  Chocolate Frosted

8.  Crumb Cake – Which adds a “crunchy, buttery, brown sugar topping to an already exquisite creation.”

9.  Blueberry Cake -“It’s severely underrated.”

10.  Glaze Twist and Sugar Twist

11.  Boston Cream – “Even though some criticize it for being hole-less.”

12.  French Cruller – The snooty, French cousin of the Glaze Round.

13.  Apple Cider Cake

14.  Powdered Sugar – Despite the white fingerprints that end up everywhere.

15.  Sugar Round – For criminals who don’t want their fingerprints everywhere.

16.  Bear Claw – It fell due to its “flat, limp, yeasted-dough shape.”

17.  Maple Glazed

18.  Buttermilk Bar

19.  Strawberry Frosted

20.  Cinnamon Bun – “We’d rather just get a freshly baked cinnamon roll.”

21.  Chocolate Cake

22.  Lemon Jelly – “The ‘jelly’ in these donuts is mostly gloppy cornstarch mixtures with an artificial lemon flavor in an unnatural shade of yellow.”

23.  Coconut Cake – “There’s no way around it:  Coconut is controversial.”

24.  Plain Cake 

SOURCE: Thrillist