The Washing Machine Tops a List of the “Most Confusing Appliances”

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Chattanooga, Tennessee— (Wise Brother)

No one wants an appliance with a million settings.  Most of us just want something that can turn on . . . do its thing . . . and turn off.

A new poll asked people to think about their appliances, and pick the one that “confused them” the most.   Maybe it’s one that has a bunch of buttons, lights, and modes . . . but you just stick with the one setting you know.

In the end, the washing machine got the most votes as the most confusing appliance.  The microwave was second, followed by the dishwasher . . . oven . . . and freezer.  (What’s complicated about a freezer . . . it just opens and closes, right?)

The dryer came in sixth, followed by the refrigerator, and the coffee maker.

Overall, 20% of people say they don’t have a clue what most of the settings do . . . so they just ignore them, and use the one or two settings they know.


Image by Ryan McGuire from Pixabay