The “World’s Dirtiest Man” Died Months After His First Bath in Decades

This won’t do anything to silence any ANTI-SHOWERING conspiracy theories…

The “world’s dirtiest man” passed away in Iran on Sunday at the age of 94.  He was referred to as Amou Haji or “Uncle Haji” to the locals… and there have been several profiles on his bizarre lifestyle.

He had not bathed in more than 60 YEARS … because he believed that soap and water would make him sick.  However a few months ago, villagers persuaded him to wash for the first time and shortly afterwards, he did get ill.

There’s no known connection between him bathing and his death, it probably had more to do with him being 94 years old… but who knows.

In 2014, the “Tehran Times” reported that Haji also avoided fresh food, opting instead for rotted porcupine, and smoked a pipe of animal excrement.  He also loved cigarettes, and would often smoke several at once.  He’d drink up to five liters of water a day although it was out of a large, rusty oil can.

SOURCES: NDTV / The Guardian