There’s a Specific Bathroom Stall That Gets Used Way More Than Others

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You can use this information in one of two ways:  Keep doing what you’re doing, or forever AVOID one specific stall in public bathrooms.  A new poll found there’s one stall that gets a LOT more traffic than the others.

Over 2,000 people were asked this question:  If you walk into a public bathroom with three empty stalls, which one do you use?  The one closest to the entrance…the middle stall…or the one farthest from the entrance?

Obviously, the middle stall isn’t popular.  And the first stall isn’t either.  People were three times more likely to choose the stall FARTHEST from the door.

15% would use the one closest to the entrance…another 15% said middle stall… and 47% would walk a few extra steps and use the one farthest from the door.  The remaining 22% said they don’t know, or don’t care.