These Are The Best Words To Guess First On Wordle

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“The New York Times” just bought WORDLE.

They say they’ll be adding it to their line-up of online word games soon, and it’ll still be free at first.  But it sounds like you’ll eventually need a subscription to play it.

A software engineer in Brooklyn named Josh Wardle launched the game in October.  He originally made it for his partner, because she loves word games so much.  Then it exploded last month, and now MILLIONS play it every day.  So it’s a big payday for him.

For those of you who have yet to play the game, users must first enter a real word five-letters-long, and then the game indicates if you have entered any of the letters used in the word of the day by highlighting letters in green (indicating it’s the correct letter in the correct position) or yellow (indicating it’s a correct letter, but in the wrong position in the word).

A player then has five more guesses to guess the word of the day.

Now TikTok user @linguisticdiscovery has shared his personal recommendation as to what players should input as their first guess: “Irate.”

However, computer scientist @crvlwanek also developed code that produced the Top 10 best first guess words to put into Wordle, and he claims the best first word to input is “Later” followed by “Alter,” “Alert,” “Arose,” then “Irate”, followed by “Stare,” “Arise,” “Raise,” “Learn,” and “Renal.”

SOURCE: Elite Daily