This is The Most Dangerous Sport…

320 people lost their lives from this sport between 2006 and 2017.


Every sport has its dangers. Football has its concussions risks; skiing comes with the chance of broken bones.

But research from the University of Texas Rio Grande Valley suggests that the most dangerous sport isn’t one most people might be familiar with: horseback riding. Only 10% of horse riders who go to the hospital are given the “all-clear”.

Chest injuries are the most common injury in horseback riding. Head, arm, and leg injuries were also common. Horseback riders over the age of 50 were more likely to be sent to trauma centers for their injuries.

Out of nearly 25,000 horseriders taken to the hospital between 2006 and 2017, 320 lost their lives. Researchers are urging clubs and associations to follow football’s lead in championing better protective gear.

The researchers wrote “Interestingly, hospital admission risk from horseback riding is higher than football, auto and motorcycle racing, and skiing. Recently some attention has been paid by equestrian sporting agencies to the use of protective equipment to prevent injuries, especially as it relates
to concussion and brain injuries; however, very few public health campaigns have focused on preventing injuries in riders using horses for leisure and work.”

SOURCE: Study Finds