This May Be THE GREATEST FOOD INVENTION EVER…Edible, Adhesive Tape to Keep Your Burrito Wrapped!

Tastee TapePicture Courtesy of John Hopkins University –  “Here’s a clear and a dyed example of Tastee Tape.”

Engineering students from Johns Hopkins University have created an edible, adhesive tape, called “Tastee Tape,” to keep burritos and other wrapped foods sealed up … WHILE you’re eating.

They tested a “multitude” of ingredients before settling on a final recipe, which is edible, safe, and has the strength to keep even the fattest burrito closed.  For now, they aren’t revealing what the secret formula is … because they’re currently applying for a patent.  It’s also unclear when it could be available.

The “tape” looks like small rectangular strips that are roughly half an inch by two inches.  They come on a wax paper … and to use them, you just peel one off, wet it thoroughly, and stick it on the food you want to hold together.

SOURCE: John Hopkins University