This Pop Star Remembers Auditioning for “Barney” with another Pop Star

Selena Gomez
 still remembers the day she auditioned for “Barney & Friends” with none other than …Demi Lovato.  They both attended an open call of 1,400 other kids, and they were picked along with five others.

In The Hollywood Reporter podcast “Awards Chatter”, Selena said, quote, “The wildest part of that story is that she was actually the girl standing in front of me … I remember she had a red bow on, I’ll never forget it … I just thought the world of her.  And we just had this, like, mini reunion when we saw each other when we got the part.” Listen here.  Demi comments start at 10:04.

Selena was on 13 episodes of “Barney” from 2002 to 2004.  You can see a photo of her and Demi here.  Demi has the red headband and Selena is in pink stripes. You can also watch a sing along video above featuring them both.

SOURCE: Billboard