This Wedding Trend Is On The Rise

Olivia Bauso 30uoqdm5qw0 UnsplashPhoto by Olivia Bauso on Unsplash

More couples are opting to have morning weddings.

This year’s expected wedding boom means there are a shortage of prime time slots available at venues, so some are choosing to get an early start on their special day. Also, some couples want to celebrate all day.

Sandy Pena, a wedding planner explains, “They want to celebrate all day long rather than just in the evening. There was a time when couples only wanted evening ceremonies, [but] many have waited one or two years to get married. Now they don’t care what time it happens, they just want to get married.”

She adds she’s working on around 70 nuptials taking place this year, and that “more than 90 percent are being done before 4 p.m.

She also says that morning weddings offer great natural lighting for photos, and can have a more intimate ambiance in part because venues can be less strict about required capacity. Plus, morning weddings can also be less expensive.