Two YouTubers Were Arrested for Having a “Sleepover” at Target

Target Store Springfield 2005 10 15

A couple in Pennsylvania was arrested after spending the night inside a Target.  They did it intentionally…not to steal anything…but because they’re “entertainers” and wanted content for their YouTube channel.

25-year-old Johnson Larose and 24-year-old Charlotte Fischer…known on YouTube as “Saucy and Honey” …pulled the stunt last month.

They went into the store just before closing, and hid behind some boxes on a shelf, where they made a “fort.”  They even brought their own water and snacks.

They filmed a bunch of video footage of themselves wandering around the Target overnight…and repeatedly claimed that they were staying until the store opened at 8:00 A.M.  They even showed the times on their phones every hour or so.

But the police have surveillance footage of them leaving the store through an emergency exit at 2:56 A.M.  They tripped the alarm when they left.  The cops say they returned when the store opened and filmed more stuff…pretending like they were coming out of their hiding spot to leave.

For what it’s worth, Saucy and Honey deny they left or were arrested on their YouTube page, and say, “Don’t believe everything you see on the news.”  They were charged with criminal trespassing and conspiracy, and will be back in court next week.

Here’s their video, but please advise because it does contain PROFANITY.

SOURCE: Fox 29