Use the “42% Rule” to Figure Out How Much You Should Be Working

Marissa Grootes Flrm0z3meoa Unsplash

Chattanooga, Tennessee—(Wise Brother)

Do you feel like you’re working too much?  And not just at your job . . . but you’re also doing housework and parenting and paying bills and on and on and on?

Here’s a formula you can use to figure out whether you really are working too much . . . and not giving your brain and body a chance to just relax.

It’s called the 42% RULE. Basically, studies have found your brain and body need to spend at least 42% of their time relaxing and not under stress just to keep you functioning properly.

42% of a 24-hour day is 10 hours.  So that includes sleep, exercise, watching TV, reading, or anything else you do to unwind.  And if you can’t get in 10 hours in one day, you can spread it out over a week or more.

So what happens if you DON’T give your body 42% of the time to relax?  Eventually you’ll burn out . . . get sick . . . and wind up sleeping for at least 12 hours for a few days because it needs to catch up.


Photo by Marissa Grootes on Unsplash