Wait…Only 52% of Us Feel Confident Using a SCREWDRIVER?!

I know we're less handy than we used to be, but this still seems low...

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2,000 homeowners were asked about various type of tools, and if they’re comfortable using them or not and believe it or not, only 52% of people are confident using a SCREWDRIVER?!

The weirdest or maybe saddest part is that’s also the tool that they were MOST confident with!

Pliers are next at 47%, followed by a wrench at 46%.

That being said, it makes sense that the repairs we’re most comfortable doing ourselves DON’T require tools.

Number one being “replacing a light bulb“.

The top five D.I.Y. things we can do ourselves are replacing a light bulb…cleaning our dryer ventswapping out filters in a furnace or air conditionertesting a smoke alarm…and tightening the hinge on a door.

One in three people also think they could unclog a sink31% can fix a running toilet29% can locate a stud in their wall…and 27% could replace a light switch if they needed to.