Want To NAP On Your Commute To & From Work? Ford is Working On It!

Jessy Smith 0gj5ebei Qy UnsplashPhoto by Jessy Smith on Unsplash

Here’s how to get people to stop working from home and commute again …

Ford is working on a new feature that would let people take NAPS behind the wheel.  Their CEO just talked about it in an interview.

Until recently, they’d been working on fully autonomous cars, where you wouldn’t have to drive at all…  but they’ve abandoned that for now.  Instead, they’re working on something they call “eyes off the road” features.

Basically, they want to make A.I. so good at driving on highways that you wouldn’t have to pay attention at all.  You could just be on your phone the whole time, or even sleep.  He says consumer demand for it is through the roof.

Obviously they’ll have to prove it’s safe enough before any laws would change to allow people to sleep in their car.  He said he doesn’t think we’re very far off from it, but didn’t give a timeline.

It’s worth noting there are a few idiots out there who already do this in their Teslas.  It’s just not legal or SAFE yet.

SOURCE: Fox News