WATCH: Graduation Ceremony Mistakenly Plays Iggy Azalea Instead Of National Anthem There’s no way this happened at graduation 😭 #graduation2023 #gradparty #grad #graduated #graduation #iggyazalea #iggynationalanthem ♬ original sound – graduqhpvge

At many official ceremonies and public sporting events, it’s customary to kick off the festivities in the U.S. by playing the national anthem.

According to In The Know by Yahoo!, a recent graduation ceremony held outside in Seattle, were treated to Iggy Azalea blasting through the speakers instead of the familiar “broad stripes and bright stars.”

As the crowd dutifully rose to stand in their seats following a prompt to “please rise for the national anthem,” gasps and a wave of cheers could be heard as the words of Izaela’s “Open Up the Safe, B*****s Got A Lot to Say” greeted their ears.

The song only played for a few seconds before quickly cutting to the correct and traditional national anthem, but it was long enough to get the crowd pumped.

The tradition of playing the national anthem at U.S. graduation ceremonies is a long-honored one. It reportedly dates back to 1874, when it was first played at a U.S. Military Academy graduation ceremony.