WATCH: Guy Saves A Panda By Giving It The Heimlich Maneuver

We’ve been trying to save the pandas for 40 years, but this goes above and beyond:  A zookeeper is going viral after saving a panda’s life… by doing the HEIMLICH MANEUVER.

It happened Saturday at a panda sanctuary in central China.  The panda’s name is Qingqing (pronounced Ching-Ching).  He’s eight years old.

They gave him some carrots as a treat, and he choked on one.  So the breeder slapped him on the back a few times.

When back slaps didn’t work, he lifted the panda up and did the Heimlich over and over… which is hard enough on a person, let alone a BEAR.

A few reports say the panda weighs almost 500 pounds, but that seems wrong.  Full-grown pandas usually top out at around 300.

Regardless, he did the Heimlich on a bear, and the internet loves him for it right now.  In the comments, someone suggested cutting up the carrots into smaller pieces next time.