WATCH! Lizzo Plays a “Sesame Street” Cookie Flute with Elmo

Elmo surprised Lizzo with a cookie flute in a clip posted by “Sesame Street” on social media.

Lizzo told Elmo, quote, “I’ve played a lot of instruments, but I’ve never played a cookie before!  May I?”

Unfortunately Lizzo’s magical flute playing gains the attention of Cookie Monster, who comes over and asks to try it … and by “try” he means EAT it.

Lizzo also posted a clip where she gifts Elmo something that he struggles to pronounce … BALSAMIC VINEGAR.

This was a reference to Elmo’s appearance on “The Tonight Show”, where he cooks with Jimmy Fallon and Questlove and says, quote, “Balsamic vinegar is a big word for Elmo“.

SOURCE: Billboard