WATCH: Person Narrowly Escapes an Explosion at a Laundromat


Everyone has a story about leaving something in a pocket while doing laundry.  It never turns out well.  But it’s usually not LIFE-THREATENING.

There’s a video making the rounds online, where someone is seen leaving a laundromat … SECONDS before there’s an explosion and a dryer is engulfed in flames.

It created a force so strong that the windows of the place were blown out, so it’s possible that if someone HAD been inside, they would’ve been seriously injured or even killed.  Thankfully, it sounds like no one was hurt.

It happened in Spain and reports say that the fire was caused by someone leaving their LIGHTER inside a pant pocket.  That alone probably wasn’t enough to cause the explosion, there was probably something wrong with the dryer, OR the lighter, OR both that caused the fire.