What Is Considered Cheating?

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Seems like cheating has been in the news a lot lately. When it comes to infidelity people’s definitions may vary. According to Buzzfeed 1% of people said that sleeping with someone else DID NOT constitute as cheating. Buzzfeed surveyed thousands of people online and asked what actions they considered cheating and the results are below.


1. Kissing someone on the cheek count as cheating?  Only 7% say yes.  But 73% think kissing on the lips is definitely cheating.  3% even think it’s cheating when two actors have to kiss.

2.  Scrolling through Tinder when you’re bored, but not messaging anyone?  47% say yes, that’s cheating.  If you do message someone, 87% say it’s cheating.

3.  Hugging someone very closely and slowly?  14% think that’s cheating.

4.  Sending someone else revealing photos?  Yes, 94% say it’s cheating.

5.  Giving someone a massage?  22% say it’s cheating no matter the context.

6.  Flirting with that cute barista at Starbucks?  26% think it’s cheating.

7.  Hooking up with someone else when you’re on a “break”?  32% say it’s cheating.  Another 35% think it’s a gray area, so it depends.

8.  Sharing a bed, but you don’t do anything?  Only 17% say it’s cheating.

9.  Holding hands with someone else?  28% say it’s cheating.  Another 42% say it depends.

10.  Telling someone, “I’d totally hook up with you if I was single”?  35% say it counts as cheating.

11.  Hanging out with an ex without telling your significant other?  Only 34% think that’s definitely cheating.

12.  Watching porn?  Only 8% say it’s cheating.

13.  Sliding into someone else’s DMs?  62% say it’s cheating.

14.  Having sex with someone else?  Yeah, only 1% say that’s NOT cheating.

15.  And finally:  Your partner has been in a coma for months and might not wake up.  You sleep with someone.  Is that cheating?  41% say yes.


Courtesy of BuzzFeed