What’s a Gift You’d Love But No One Would Consider Getting You Because You’re an Adult?

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It’s very different when you get a present as an adult than it was when you got presents as a kid…and by “different,” most of the time…I mean “worse.”

People on Reddit are sharing gifts they would love to get for their birthday or holidays…but that no one even considered buying for them because they’re adults.  Here are 7 of the most popular answers…

1.  “Remote-controlled cars, planes, or helicopters.”

2.  “Art kits.”

3.  “Legos.” (This one is mine BY FAR…)

4.  “Candy, like ridiculous amounts of candy.”

5.  “Stuffed animals…or even just a trip to Build-a-Bear.”

6.  “Nerf guns.”

7.  “Something I didn’t have a hand in planning or acquiring.  Everyone asks what I want for gifts and never just buys something for me.”

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SOURCE: Reddit