Which Actor Does Steven Spielberg Say “Saved Hollywood’s A**”?

Is there anything Tom Cruise can’t do?

Because apparently, he single-handedly SAVED HOLLYWOOD…  and that’s according to none other than Steven Spielberg himself.

The annual luncheon for Oscar nominees was held on Monday, and in a candid moment caught on video, Steven told Tom, quote, “You saved Hollywood’s a**…  and you might have saved theatrical distribution. Seriously.  ‘Maverick’ might have saved theatrical distribution.”

As you probably recall, Tom didn’t dump “Top Gun: Maverick” onto a streaming service during COVID, he waited until he could give it a full theatrical release.  And it was a HUGE hit.

Cruise was at the luncheon as a producer of “Maverick”, which is up for six Oscars, including Best Picture.

SOURCE: Consequence