Which Fast Food Place Has The Best… Ice Cubes?!

Vidit Goswami 5vpdkmmvbkk UnsplashPhoto by Vidit Goswami on Unsplash

A new poll found that 16% of people “always” eat the ice when drinking something iced, and 40% of people “sometimes” do.

So where do you go to find the TASTIEST ice? Yes … apparently it’s a thing.

TheDailyMeal.com recently ranked 11 fast food places on the best ice cubes … and it’s just as strange as you’d imagine.

Sonic is #1, with “perfect” ice.  They aren’t cubes, they’re “nuggets” that are “crunchable,” but are still hard enough that they don’t melt too quickly.

Chick-fil-A is second, because their ice chills drinks without watering them down.  One person on Reddit says, “I can never throw my [Chick-fil-A] cup away until I’ve finished eating all my ice.”

Zaxby’s is third, followed by Dairy Queen, Pizza Hut, Starbucks, Jimmy John’s, Dunkin’, Burger King, and McDonald’s, which is second to last.

Taco Bell was last with “uneven lumps of frozen water” so bad it’s embarrassing.  In fact, some people ask for NO ICE at Taco Bell because of the “sub-par consistency.”

SOURCE: The Daily Meal