Which State Has the Best BBQ? And Where Is Tennessee On That List?

Emerson Vieira Mq1lduswx2o UnsplashPhoto by Emerson Vieira on Unsplash

What’s your favorite thing to toss on the grill?  Have you cooked up AMERICA’S top choice yet this summer?

A new survey polled 1,000 people, and the top answer was… RIBS29% of people said it’s their favorite.  The poll didn’t include burgers, hot dogs, or veggies as options, just various types of grilled meats.

Pulled pork ranked second with 19% of the vote, then brisket with 15%Beef is fourth at 8%, and then chicken wings with 6%Ham ranked last, followed by sausage and smoked turkey.

People were also asked to name the STATES that do barbecue the best and TEXAS was the #1 answer by far.

73% of people said they associate Texas with good barbecue.  Tennessee is next at 37% then South Carolina, 32%…Kansas, 31%… North Carolina, 30% and Georgia, also 30%.

Alaska ranked last in perceived barbecue prowess, followed by New Hampshire, Delaware, and Washington state.

They also looked at the top cities for barbecue.  You can check out all those stats here.