Why You Should ‘Lie Like Hell’ During A Job’s Exit Interview

How "real" should you get during a job's exit interview?

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If you think its a good idea to give HR a piece of your mind before you leave a job, career expert Robbie Abed says you’re making a mistake.

Abed says you shouldn’t let your employer have it during the exit interview. He says you shouldn’t even offer constructive criticism. Abed says you should leave your job on good terms even if it means “lying like Hell.”

The career expert explains that “So many people think that they’re going to be the hero on the way out. The reality is that if you wanted to make a change within a company, you would have done it while you were there.”

Abed says that HR is unlikely to keep your exit interview comments, including the negative ones, to themselves, adding that they “could backfire and make you look bad. From a purely economical perspective, it simply doesn’t make sense to leave on bad terms. It’s the dumbest thing you could do career-wise, financially-wise.”

Abed recommends simply saying “I enjoyed working here, and I hope I get to work with others in the future.”

SOURCE: Business Insider