Win A CREST Candy Safe & A Hits 96 Prize Pack!

Also, 5 Tips for Parents Worried about Kids eating too much Halloween Candy this year!

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Hits 96 has teamed up with CREST toothpaste who is working with Dr. Desiree Yazdan, Cosmetic Dentist, Expert in Reconstructive & Cosmetic Dentistry and she has 5 Tips for parents worried about kids eating too much Halloween candy this year (can it honestly ever be too much??)

Here are the tips!

1) Believe It or Not: It’s actually better to allow kids to eat all of their daily “approved” candy in one sitting rather than sneaking in little bits throughout the day.

2) Even though kids might enjoy milk chocolate more, dark chocolate is healthier overall for their teeth.

3) Hard candy, like lollipops and jawbreakers, can attribute to more tooth decay, so make sure your kids enjoy that in moderation.

4) Also something that should be eaten in moderation are gummy candies since they can be very acidic and contribute to tooth decay.

5) And finally, make brushing teeth together a family activity. Brush together for 2 minutes, 2X a day with a fluoride toothpaste, like Crest Kid’s Cavity Protection Sparkle Fun Toothpaste, because kids love the taste!

CREST is also giving away Candy Safes, so you can keep your candy safe when NOT enjoying it and Hits 96 is throwing in a Hits 96 Prize Pack as well. Go to our Facebook Page and SHARE YOUR “Best ‘Decorated’ Pumpkin” Picture on the post for an opportunity to win!