Sweet Job

Want a job that will pay you $100,000 and feed your sweet tooth?

What Would Your Sweethearts Candies Say?

Chattanooga, Tennessee---     Quick  recap: 2020 was a disaster. 2021 was just depressing. So, for 2022, things have to get better, right? Sweethearts, the candy conversation hearts that are ubiquitous every Valentine's Day, sure hope so. Sticking with their trend of…

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Hits 96 has teamed up with CREST toothpaste who is working with Dr. Desiree Yazdan, Cosmetic Dentist, Expert in Reconstructive & Cosmetic Dentistry and she has 5 Tips for parents worried about kids eating too much Halloween candy this year (can it honestly ever be too much??)

Trunk or Treat

                Chattanooga, Tennessee---   Trunk or Treat on Broad Street Sat. 10/23 9 – 11 PM 3334 Broad St Chattanooga, TN Trunk or Treat SAT OCT 23 2021 04:00 PM- 06:00 PM 609…