Would You Pay $2,500 for Knee-High Boots That Look Like Teletubbies?

A handful of very weird rich ’90s kids are super-excited right now …

A high-end fashion brand in New York is selling knee-high boots that look like the TELETUBBIES.  Specifically Dipsy, the green one.

They’re bright-green, stiletto knee-highs with Dipsy’s face and arms hanging off the top of each boot.  So they’re like half-shoe, half stuffed animal.

A designer named Christian Cowan is taking pre-orders online … and they’re “reasonably” priced at just $2,500.

Don’t worry, the other three Teletubbies… Tinky Winky, Laa-Laa, and Po … haven’t been left out.  He’s also selling t-shirts, hoodies, and jean jackets with photos of them.

Those aren’t cheap either.  The jean jacket will run you a cool $595, and the hoodie is $350.  The t-shirts are $195, and they’ve already sold out.