Would You Try Mac-and-Cheese Ice Cream? How about Pizza Ice Cream? It’s Now Possible!

Kraft Mac And Cheese Ice Cream

We heard about this last summer, but it was a limited-time-only thing and sold out in an hour.  This time, you can actually try it . . . that’s IF you want to.

Kraft Mac-and-Cheese flavored ICE CREAM is back, and available at Walmart starting today.  They partnered with an ice cream joint in Brooklyn called Van Leeuwen.

When they launched it on Mac-and-Cheese Day last July, a poll found 43% of people would try it.  48% said no way, and 9% were on the fence.  (Here’s a photo.)

Walmart is actually selling seven Van Leeuwen flavors, including another one that’s either delicious or disgusting:  PIZZA-flavored ice cream.

They describe it as “cream cheese and mozzarella ice cream, with a tomato jam swirl and basil crust cookies.”  (Here’s a photo.)

Pints of both versions …along with the other five flavors … will be available at Walmarts in all 50 states for the next 10 weeks.

Are you going to try it?