You Can Now Pay To Get Buried Alive

Daniel Lincoln Jtxjghjhtle UnsplashPhoto by Daniel Lincoln on Unsplash

Here’s something for Halloween that would be a little scarier than a lame haunted house…

A start-up in Russia is offering to BURY PEOPLE ALIVE and dig them back up, just to see what it’s like.

It’s supposed to give you a renewed lust for life, and comes with a full, fake funeral according to your religious customs.

The price tag is equally as scary as the deed itself … just under $57,000.

There’s also an “online funeral” version that only costs $15,000.  It supposedly offers “divine healing“, “stress therapy for fears and anxiety“,  and helps you “close chapters” in your life…but you don’t get buried alive if you do that one.

It might seem like a lot…but there’s a nice perk that comes with it:  You get to keep your coffin as a souvenir.

SOURCE: Moscow Times