Adults Keep an Average of 20 Toys from Their Childhood

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Chattanooga, Tennessee—

If you think about all the stuff we lug around from family home to family home . . . a good chunk of it is OLD CHILDHOOD TOYS.  (And worthless junk that “might be worth something.”)

A new poll found that the average adult keeps 20 toys from their childhood.

65% of people say they kept toys to pass them down to their children or grandchildren.  57% say they kept them because they’re sentimental.  And 59% say they’re probably better than anything you could buy today.

The #1 toy people have kept is:  Barbie dolls.  LEGOs are next, followed by Hot Wheels . . . G.I. Joes . . . Suzy Homemaker appliances . . . Fisher-Price telephones . . . Lite-Brites . . . Slinkys . . . Rubik’s Cubes . . . and Nerf balls.

Other toys mentioned include:  My Little Pony . . . Etch-A-Sketch . . . gaming systems like Game Boy, Nintendo, and SEGA . . . and “toys” like Beanie Babies and Trolls, which some people initially bought as “investments.”


Image by Fernando Latorre from Pixabay


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