All the Other Toy Movies Mattel Is Working On…

Ben Grant Vrii0a5bkyo Unsplash

Photo by Ben Grant on Unsplash

You thought “Barbie” was a one-and-done?  Oh, no… Mattel has a TON of toy-based movies in the works as we speak.  Buzzfeed rounded them all up… and made FAKE POSTERS for them.

They include:

1.  “Barney”

2.  “Polly Pocket”… Written and directed by Lena Dunham, starring Lily Collins.

3.  “Hot Wheels”

4.  “Rock ‘Em Sock ‘Em Robots”

5.  “American Girl”

6.  “Magic 8 Ball”…from the writer of “Cocaine Bear”.

7.  “Masters of the Universe”

8.  “Major Matt Mason”… This is an old astronaut toy from the ’60s.  Tom Hanks is starring.

9.  “Uno”

10.  “View-Master”

11.  “Matchbox”

12.  “Thomas and Friends”

Check out the FAKE POSTERS here.

SOURCE: Buzzfeed