What Grocery Items DO YOU Refrigerate?

You've probably been to someone's house, and been shocked that they DO refrigerate something you don't... or that they keep something in the pantry that you refrigerate. A poll asked people how they store various things, and here are the results...

Who Are The Most Highly-Regarded Celebrities?

Buzzfeed has a new poll where they tossed out the names of 50 celebrities... and asked people if they have a POSITIVE or NEGATIVE opinion of them at the moment. Some of the most highly-regarded celebrities are not Dolly Parton and Keanu Reeves... See the list now!

What's The Worst First Date Deal Breaker?

There's a new poll online on FIRST DATE deal-breakers ... and it asks if any of them are bad enough to immediately eliminate the chance of a second date.  It calls them "first date icks."