Amazon Prime Day Is Here! Here’s What We’re Buying

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Chattanooga, Tennessee—(Wise Brother)

Millions of people are pretending to work right now while they shop online.  Amazon Prime Day has arrived!  They made it a two-day thing a while back, so it’s today AND tomorrow.

If you’ve shopped on Prime Day before, you probably will again this year.  A poll found only 5% of past Prime Day shoppers plan to skip it this time.

The top four things we’re buying are the same as last year . . .

1.  Clothes, shoes, and other apparel.  63% are looking for stuff in that category.

2.  Electronics, 52%.

3.  Household essentials like toilet paper, 42%.

4.  “Amazon Basic” products, 42%.

5.  Hobby, leisure, and travel products, 40%.  It knocked non-perishable food and pantry products out of the top five this year.


(If you’re looking for the best deals, “USA Today” and both did big round-ups.)