An Ab Exercise Called The ‘Stomach Vacuum’ Is All Over The Internet. But Is It Safe?

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TikTok is known for producing all types of trends, including fitness trends.

The latest is an isometric abdominal exercise called the “stomach vacuum.” If you search for #stomachvacuum on TikTok you’ll see lots of people doing the movement which involves a drastic inhalation, sucking in the stomach and exposing the lower ribs.

Dr. Joran Metzl, a Sports Medicine Physician at Hospital for Special Surgery calls the move “a biceps curl for your abs,” and compares the exercise to a plank.

Kate Wang, a personal trainer, likens it to “doing an isometric squat hold, just for your core, like a hollow body hold. When you’re doing a holly body hold, you’re practicing a (different version) of that ‘stomach vacuum.’”

She also says while the move is gaining traction on social media now, it’s nothing new. The experts say it’s generally not a risky move, but that you should be careful doing it if you have high blood pressure, as it can increase blood pressure.

They also say when first learning to do the movement you should not push your limits of how long you can hold your breath. In addition, they say claims on TikTok that doing the movement will result in a slimmer waistline and flatter stomach are false.

Photo by Katherine Hood on Unsplash