Kevin’s Hot Hits

Air Dropped To Jail

This Simple Simon reminds us why we should only accept air drops from our contacts only

Surprise Sleepover

A group of high school seniors found a cute/creepy way to prank their school's principal

Top 10 Luxuries That Use To Be Normal

You remember when having leg room on a plane was not just reserved for those in first class? Or how about buying software and not having to renew the right to use it?

What Not To Do At A Pool

Pools are opening this weekend. Here is a list of 10 things you should not do when hanging out poolside

Worst Wake Up Call

Normally when you get a wake up call, the front desk calls your room, this week's Simple Simon took it to a whole new creepy level.

America's Number 1 Mom

Beyoncé, Lois Griffin, Rhianna and Michelle Obama were voted as top mom's in America, which on of these mothers is number one?

Insult To Injury

Find out how a woman got a ticket after being run over by her own car

You're Out.....

A town in New Jersey has a unique punishment for unruly little league parents

Rude Awakening

Note to Florida, the next time you test your emergency alert system, please do it during normal business hours