Media Minute

Air Dropped To Jail

This Simple Simon reminds us why we should only accept air drops from our contacts only

Surprise Sleepover

A group of high school seniors found a cute/creepy way to prank their school's principal

Top 10 Luxuries That Use To Be Normal

You remember when having leg room on a plane was not just reserved for those in first class? Or how about buying software and not having to renew the right to use it?

What Not To Do At A Pool

Pools are opening this weekend. Here is a list of 10 things you should not do when hanging out poolside

America's Number 1 Mom

Beyoncé, Lois Griffin, Rhianna and Michelle Obama were voted as top mom's in America, which on of these mothers is number one?

You're Out.....

A town in New Jersey has a unique punishment for unruly little league parents

Rude Awakening

Note to Florida, the next time you test your emergency alert system, please do it during normal business hours

Desperate Dialer

Find out how a man in Maryland ran up a high phone and legal bill over a break up