Fall Starts Tomorrow . . . Here's What You Need to Know

Fall starts tomorrow! Here are some things to know: Autumn officially begins this year at 2:50 A.M. Eastern . . . so really late overnight tonight. And there's going to be a full moon next week . . . the "harvest moon" will occur early morning on September 29th.

The Best Deals for National Cheeseburger Day

It's National Cheeseburger Day! McDonald's, Burger King, Wendy's, and others have deals. A poll for it found 82% of Americans love cheeseburgers. Our favorite cheeses to put on them are American and cheddar.

Drake Is Beefing with . . . Halle Berry???

Drake used a picture of Halle Berry to promote his new single, even though she asked him not to. She says, quote, "Why ask [me] if you intend to do what you want to do! That was the [eff] you to me. Not cool."