Chatt Town Cool Down

Friday and Saturday enjoy free outdoor activities at Ross's Landing and Coolidge Park

Do You Have "Screen Apnea"?

Have you heard the term "screen apnea" yet? It's like sleep apnea, where you stop breathing. Except it happens when you're checking email or get too focused on screens. It's apparently a common thing now, because we're all overstimulated.

Free Bread at Restaurants Actually Makes You Hungrier?

Filling up on free bread at restaurants might not be the best call. It's actually a tactic restaurants use to make us order MORE. Simple carbs spike your blood sugar, which makes you feel hungrier short term. That's why they like to offer you bread BEFORE you order.

"Barbie" Is Now Warner Brothers' Biggest Movie Ever

"Barbie" has now made $537.4 million in the U.S., making it Warner Brothers' biggest hit in North America. Meanwhile, "The Sound of Freedom" has now made more than the new "Indiana Jones" and "Mission: Impossible" movies.

A New iPhone Feature Saved Lives in Maui

A new iPhone feature may have saved some lives during the awful fire in Maui last week. On the new iPhone 14s, you can connect to a satellite to text 911 when you don't have cell service. Somebody posted screenshots after a person in Maui used it to get help.

Pink Just Became the First Woman to Headline a Stadium in Wisconsin

Pink just became the first woman to headline a stadium in Wisconsin, after playing American Family Field in Milwaukee. She says, quote, "I am a little fiery ball of gratitude catapulting around the world trying to spread love and truth and the courage to feel everything we can feel."