Ruby The Emotional Stingray by Chattanooga Author, Christal Majestic

Christal Majestic

Chattanooga, Tennessee—

Christal Majestic is a Chattanooga Author with Bell’s Palsy. She wrote “Ruby The Emotional Stingray” to help kids not fear their emotions and really how to embrace them! The book come with a separate book with a matching emotion-tracking journal .The book is called Ruby the Emotional Stingray. This book follows a young stingray as she learns to navigate her emotions in daily life events. During this time Ruby teaches the reader how to handle emotions when they encounter them in life. Christal and I bonded over our shared passion of advocating for mental health! She also has plush Ruby stingrays that would make an awesome Christmas or birthday gift!


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(Find the set + plush here)