What’s in your bag?

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What’s in your bag?


Kylie Jenner just did a video for her YouTube page and it already trending.. The whole thing was set in her ginormous closet, while taking items out of her Birkin Bag. It seems very promotional, since everything she pulled out was from her brand or something from her family’s brand.


* Unreleased Kylie Skin hand sanitiser
* A Kylie Skin PR card for a soon-to-be-released hyaluronic acid serum, including a plug for the release date.
* The Kylie x KKW Fragrance collab, which Kylie called her “favourite perfume of all time”.
* Unreleased Kylie Skin scrunchies.
* Kylie x Kendall blotting powder.
* Kylie Skin sunscreen.
* Kylie Skin wipes.
* A face mask from Kim’s Skims line.
* Kylie Skin lip balms along with an announcement for an upcoming restock.
* A plug for Kylie’s collab with Ulta for plumping lip gloss, including the release date.
* Numerous Kylie Cosmetics Lip Kits, including one that’s yet to be released.
* The Kylie x Kendall lip blush.


Yeah, who doesn’t have a feminine product? Who doesn’t have a wallet in their bag? Come on!

So I decided to share what’s in my bag! And it’s so much more realistic:

*Medicine bag with anything you could ever need


*Perfume Tease by VS

*Three pairs of shades


*Couple of pens

*A mask of course

*Lip Balm

*Reusable straw

*And bonus item I didn’t even realize I had* And empty flask