What’s The Worst First Date Deal Breaker?

Fredrik Ivansson Ud H3 Zmwho UnsplashPhoto by Fredrik Ivansson on Unsplash

There’s a new poll online on FIRST DATE deal-breakers … and it asks if any of them are bad enough to immediately eliminate the chance of a second date.  It calls them “first date icks.” Here are the worst Top 5

The ones that got the most votes:

81% of people said it’s the last date if they chew with their mouth open.

79% said it’s a no-no if they order for you, without your permission.

57% said they’re done if the date keeps laughing really hard every time you say something mildly funny. 

56% said they’re shutting it down if they mention an ex multiple times.

52% said it’s a no-no if they can’t stop making sexual jokes and innuendos.

Buzzfeed.com has the full list, with all the poll results. Feel free to check it out!

SOURCE: Buzzfeed